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One Less Nuisance for Homeowners

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words so when I got these great photos from Dale Van Aken of New Hope, Pennsylvania I had to hear the whole story. Dale discovered he had a leaking vent pipe when he found water stains on the ceiling of an upstairs room. "I had a little leak situation, but I thought I took care of it years ago." It turns out that when the roofing contractor had come out and replaced several pipe boots a few years ago they hadn't replaced all the boots on his home. Now one of the two older vent boots had failed causing another leak in his roof.

Dale was happy to have another option instead of going with a design which "hasn't changed in the 30 years I have been a homeowner, it's one of those little nuisances." Now it's a problem he won't ever have to deal with again. Special thanks to Dale for taking the time to speak with me about the Perma-Boot312 and sending us these awesome pictures from his installation!

Contractor Spotlight: Carlson Home Improvement

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I quickly found out from speaking with Stephen Carlson that a more precise term for his work would be, "expert in quite-a-lot-of Trades". Stephen started his own company, Carlson Home Improvement, in Virginia Beach 15 years ago and has been performing professional home repair and remodeling jobs ever since.

Stephen is always on the lookout for better technology and new ways to resolve old problems and that is what brought him to the Perma-Boot312. During his 15 years of home repair Stephen has replaced many failed pipe boots, "it's kind of like the dirty secret in housing, you pay $5,000 on a new roof and the boots will go bad in 5 years. It's always there and potentially a problem the next time there's a heavy rain." The worst part about pipe boot failure is you won't know about it unless you get up on your roof to inspect the seal. One of the things that got Stephen interested in the Perma-Boot312 is that it's a repair you only have to make once. Once the Perma-Boot312 is installed it will protect your vent pipe from weather damage and prevent water from leaking into your home and causing major damage.

If that wasn't enough there are aesthetic benefits as well. A traditional pipe boot repair isn't easy Stephen explains, "I've done it myself, it's a pain, and you can't match the [color] shingles. Even if you have some of the exact same color under the house, they won't match" because the ones on your roof have weathered and aged. Roof repairs are the kind of DIY job that many homeowners would prefer to avoid, because climbing up on your roof can be dangerous. Stephen tells me he offers customers a "free roof inspection", then helps the homeowner decide if they would rather "be safe and put Perma-Boots on all the vent pipes, or just on the ones that need the repair".

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